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Saturday, 29 December 2012 00:21

Important Update for JoomLike

After I have received quite a lot of feedback for JoomLike, there were recurrent problems.


1. If you use an extern module that uses jQuery (e.g. Slideshow etc.) and if you noticed, that the template doesn't work so far, please upgrade to version 2.5.6.


2. For correct display of the suckerfish drop down menu, do not set any suffixes, just make sure you enable the following parameter ("Show Sub-menu Items")


3. The module suffixes are the following


It's done. My most ambitious Template is now avaible for download. There is a significant advancement from the previous ones. The possibilities are endless for usability, hence the name: Joom-Like.

It contains 36 module positions, as well as different module styles, 6 Template color variations, various parameter for typography, width or background and a sophisticated framework that fits on all screens (Responsive Web Design). There are no fixed widths. Pure elasticity.

This time the demo page is a little more special. On the "Home" page, no modules were placed. I think, it is anyway the best , when You experiment with Your homepage and see then, whether Joom-Like is appropriate or not. I recommend to click through the menu items ("Module positions", ... etc.), then many questions will be answered.

Feedback / bug report is highly appreciated. Updates will follow.

If you plan to remove the backlink, check this.


Last Update: 29.12.2012

Version: 2.5.6


Saturday, 03 November 2012 01:40

JoomLike: Ready for Release...?

After the announcement some time ago, some things impeded the development of JoomLike - as usual when it's done in your spare time.

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