This present end user license (End User License, briefly EULA) is a legally valid contract between you and Fjodor Schäfer, the originator of (in the following "SCHEFA.COM"). The purchase, the installation or the use of products from SCHEFA.COM implies, that you have read the EULA completely, that you have understood them completely and that you have insured yourself about the binding to the regulations, which are presented here.


All products, which have been developed by SCHEFA.COM, are published by GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL). But these products can contain pictures, CSS and JavaScript files, which aren't published by GPL, instead they are subject to the SCHEFA.COM proprietary use license and are related to the general Terms and Conditions of SCHEFA.COM.

SCHEFA.COM proprietary use license


Any products provided by SCHEFA.COM are not your property whether modified or not. They are not your products. You do not own them. These products are the property of SCHEFA.COM.

The SCHEFA.COM proprietary use license covers all pictures, Stylesheets, JavaScript files in all products, which are provided on and which are identified as such in the source code. These files are handwritten and protected by copyright. It is not allowed to distribute them without the permission of the originator

Unauthorized use

It is not allowed to distribute or to sell products of this website (Secretary, Joomla Templates, Extensions, etc.). It is also not allowed to promote them to your customers for resale purposes. If you intend to offer the products as a part of your service, you have to contact the originator in any case.

User agreement

The SCHEFA.COM proprietary use license is unlimited in time. You can use the products even after the end of your membership period. You agree that you will never pass them onto third parties.

You have the right to change the products of SCHEFA.COM and individualize them according to your requirements. But you are forbidden to change copyrights or license terms and you are forbidden to pass the products to third parties or on other platforms no matter if the products are modified or not.

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